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While installing adobe Creative Cloud applications on macOS 10.14, you encounter one of the following errors:
  • The installation cannot continue as the installer file may be damaged.  Download the installer file again.
  • Installer failed to initialize. This could be due to a missing file. Please download adobe Support Advisor to detect the problem.. @7 n& k: E( |. j
These errors occur when you install Creative Cloud applications using local install packages. The recommendation is to install the applications through adobe Creative Cloud desktop application. The Creative Cloud desktop app has been updated and allows the successful installation of current and previous versions of Creative Cloud applications. For complete details regarding the installation process see Download your creative cloud apps.
If you need to install using an offline install package, similar to those available at Download Creative Cloud apps, complete the following steps to begin the installation process.
6 l3 [+ [/ s5 t! Q$ t( L/ d9 Z2 w8 q' G
; J0 h7 t9 x& s" @) H1 B# A  z
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    " M5 C' u. ~- X  K4 ~/ c5 {6 ^* h5 s% i4 [' ]1 q' ~
  • Mount the Disk Image file for the Creative Cloud application.

    ) e7 d- Y3 k0 u0 F( V$ S

    $ F4 h0 b1 a# m2 r0 }  B% i

    : [' @- }. C; A* \8 p, H- A+ y9 S* J% F5 Y9 O" s
      ]" U& B4 W& I+ j8 ~# j
    9 _0 e4 ]: T; J+ Q+ a, V3 y( w6 `
  • Open the mounted DMG file.

    ; j; \. o6 B  V. g

    ) I# x: Y& D7 ?- X) F

    + i2 h7 X3 e6 W6 K) S5 Z* ~
    3 `" O  U( l( b8 [
    9 n8 ^8 X/ }2 S" u# ]: J- G0 @
    9 g3 x2 U' B/ c
  • Right-click Install.app and select Open Package Contents from the context menu.

    5 H1 q: s8 l' v2 P# w5 Y
    ! t0 e+ J) h7 O4 ?& S( N
    . c, U( z* t& E. v. Z8 K

    7 C+ b0 P# _# b! x9 w4 k4 g
    & h  X$ x8 |6 b  f3 j
    * y  X: v: b6 W5 d
    - |* {% Y' T2 L

    3 [7 l4 m; e( {  u
    ' I8 o$ Z4 k3 G% e- v1 x
  • Navigate to Contents > MacOS.
    ' o% u8 b* R  ]/ c0 ^8 I
    ! l5 \' O0 L3 l0 x7 Y

    6 v2 T) ?! h3 J, |: {5 r' Q  q

    - H6 \% H# ?( ]! a, }/ M# m% R/ a! O( m. Y: J; U& e( x6 c

    - Q, t, f2 I; W& D# K
  • Double-click the Unix executable titled Install.

    : j! ~2 N/ x/ _% x! p: M6 ?$ }' v3 |% x

    5 s( c: ]/ R8 T3 m5 p. A( r. X$ r8 f* n- x; `

    - ?& m% v+ H' z
    4 w# G& I+ r9 _$ h

    # ]" F/ u. C& b2 A6 ?6 ^5 |; q

    " O- K1 k  B3 H3 g6 M& L5 U, W; N2 F4 D9 ?: ^* F
    / d/ T* Y& @2 L/ j9 x
# h) \, V+ o/ C, Y$ _% U+ Y

% |# [9 W: l3 N% V4 _+ }" Q0 w6 W6 h/ A% ^
A terminal window opens and initializes the installer. You are given the option to install in trial mode, utilize a serial number, or verify a Creative Cloud membership.

# N" h, K1 ^. M" _
, k# D- O" E1 _/ b5 H! Y3 g7 U

9 Z; {7 H0 x2 u1 n5 T- B1 a5 q; M
" A+ C* N: g, V1 |3 T! [
+ i' U7 a% v, u
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